Our firm carefully reviews every case from every angle. After review, in consultation with our client, we pursue the necessary strategy that works best for our client's successful outcome. 


Our philosophy is that while the vast majority of cases do settle before trial, you should prepare every case for an actual trial. This serves to maximize the recovery whether by the settlement or verdict. We handle cases in both state and federal court throughout the State of New York.

The goal of a Chapter 7 case is to liquidate or discharge a client's debt. However, if the client has assets that are available to pay the debt, the attorney needs to protect any asset by claiming the right exemption.  This means that you do not have to give up all your property to get a Chapter 7 discharge.

The goal of Chapter 13  and 11 cases is to reorganize your finances pursuant to a plan that will protect the debtor and the creditors according to a plan approved by the trustee and the bankruptcy court.

For bankruptcy matters,  insist on a law firm with the latest technologies to get the job done efficiently.

Once the decision is made to divorce a spouse, it is essential to speak to an experienced lawyer immediately.


We will advise you how best to preserve evidence to adequately prepare your case. We will go through a check list to make sure that you know what documents must be obtained in order to obtain full and adequate financial disclosure from your spouse.If your spouse has control of the assets and you are unable to pay a lawyer, we can go to court and force your spouse to maintain you and even pay your legal bills before the divorce is finalized.


Any questions, call and ask for a free initial consultation.


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